Engineering group of Tavan Machine Pouya (previously known as techno metal) enjoying the experience of more than 30 years in  manufacturing, has been the founder and executor of new projects in the country’s printing industry since its activity. Innovation and market leadership have always been the hallmarks of the Tavan Machine, and many of the products presented by this collection are for the first time in Iran and at the same time with the developed European countries, including thermal paper rolls slitting machine, Flexo Printing and coating  Paper.

Regarding the ability of the Tavan Machine Pouya  engineering group and based on our experiences in the field of mechanical equipment design, we have decided that by entering into the lift industry with a focus on the disabled ,become pioneer in this field and the certificate of the invention of the disabled lift device confirms claim. We have also found a special position in the field of horticulture and domestic incoming by producing chipper or wood chipper  machines with the highest qualitative standards.


The scope of activity of the Tavan Machine Pouya Complex

Slitter machines are suitable for slitting and roll of paper types, polymer layers, adhesive back layers, aluminum foil, etc., which are used in various industries.

Coating of paper  is  coating of materials on paper. This coating can be of great use by changing the nature of the paper.

Flex Printing is an example of a print process that uses a flexible page called stereotype printing.

Our commitment to being superior

Tavan Machine Pouay, is committed to provide the most updated things of the world, and sees itself as a leader in science and technology. Hence, many of the products of this collection are for the first time in Iran and simultaneously with the most advanced countries in the world.

The solutions offered by the power of the machine, in addition to increasing speed, ease and profitability in manufacturing , have had a significant impact on improving customer satisfaction. Therefore, the satisfaction of after-sales services of this company over the years has been a supporter and promoter of the commercial activities of Tavan Machine.

گواهی ثبت اختراع بالابر توان ماشین پویا
The Patent for invention of wheelchair lift under the name of TM CEO

Acknowledgments of the company of Tavan Machine Pouya

Production list of Tavan Machine Pouya

Small Roll Slitter Machine

ماشین برش رول کوچک

Slitter Machine

ماشین برش رول به رول

Coating Machine

ماشین کوتینگ

Flexo Print Machine

ماشین چاپ فلکسو

Sheeter Machine

ماشین شیتر

Chipper Machine

ماشین چیپر

Equipment of Machine

تجهیزات ماشین آلات صنعت چاپ

Parts  of Machine

قطعات ماشین آلات صنعت چاپ