With the help of its experienced and experienced staff, Tavan Machine Pouya has been manufacturing all kinds of lifts for different needs of the community. We have always tried to lead our industry, and a certificate of patented wheelchair access to the car certifies this claim. One of our priorities is the ability of the dynamic car of the disabled person, and the comfort of these dears  is our goal.

Design of all lifts and their parts with SolidWorks software

One-year warranty of equipment and three years of after-sales service warranty

Tavan Machine Pouya Company is a supporter of disabled people

Types of lift machines:

لیفت منزل

Home Lifts

Easy movement between floors

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بالابر چندکاره

Multipurpose Wheelchair Lift

Suitable for installation in buildings and between floors

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بالابر خودرو

Lift Wheelchair of Car

Suitable for installation in cars

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تاب بالابر

Portable Lift Hoist

Suitable for use in the bathroom and toilet

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بالابر سطح شیبدار

Ramp Lift

Suitable for access to the villa or garden

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