Chipper machines, called “wood chopping machines” or “wood chipping machine ” is the best option for gardeners to deal with the effects of massive wood harvesting from trees in the garden, including fire, rodent nesting and Reproduction of insects. Using wood chipper, wood chips can be produced after pruning the dry and wet foliage and shrubs of trees.

Wood chips are a rich source for promotion the soil that prevents their growth by creating shadows on the soil and preventing light from reaching the weed seeds. In addition, this product maintains a moisture content by creating a natural layer that saves water and can be used as a coating layer to prevent the contact of products such as strawberries with fertilizers and soil.

Finally, wood chips can be used to decorate the garden and villa or as a fuel.

ماشین آلات چیپر

Applications of chipper machines:

Decoration of Garden:

As a gardener, you can produce wood chips from the branches of clipped trees to have a clean garden and control the accumulation of rodents and insects, and finally earn a profit from the wood chips!

چیپس چوب پوشش

Natural cover:

One of the uses of wood chips is to create a cover for the soil, for example in a pot of flower or gardens. Produced chips can be packaged and sold for sale to flowering centers or directly to gardens. It is enough to write the advantage of wood chips on the label and on the packaging to provide a more beautiful package in addition to the information. Wood chips have many advantages. For example, it enriches the soil or, by creating a coating on the soil, prevents the evaporation of stored water; it is used as a natural coating on fertilizers that are needed for plant such as strawberries.

چیپس چوب پوشش

smoking food

The use of wood chips can be in making smoky. The 100% natural wood with its delicious flavor has its own fans. Especially if you can offer a special kind of wood chips with different fragrances in each package. For example, wood chips with apple flavor, wood chips with maple perfume and…

چیپس چوب دودی

Technical specifications:

feature rate
200 kg/h
80 to 90 kg
700 x 600 x 550
gasoline, electricity or diesel
diameter of wood
up to 70 cm
thickness of wood chips
2 to 3 mm
type of wood
dry and wet

machine performance film:

download machine catalog:

download catalog (400 KB)