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This is the first produced car Lift in Iran, which has been patented at No. 68193 at the General Office of Companies Registration and Industrial Property. Tavan Machine Pouya Co. has always focused on investigating the issues of disability and has guided its engineers and designers in this regard.


The car lift wheelchair is the best solution for carrying disabled persons and patients who are not able to walk in to the car. This low-noise machine with the ability to install on vans and ambulances allows the carriage of wheelchairs into the vehicle to be automatically controlled via a remote control.

Wheelchair lift, easily and without the need to change the car body is mounted on the side or rear door and provides the energy required to operate at a maximum of 10 amps from the battery of the car. The low volume of the device does not limit the driver’s visibility.

One of the capabilities of a car lift wheelchair is the ability to install from behind.

It is also possible to install a wheel lift wheelchair from the harness.

This lift has seat belts for the more safety of consumers.

Non-damaging to the car by installing a holder floor on the seat screws.

Lift plate being in lower lock mode of wheelchair’s wheel.

Lift plate being in upper lock mode of wheelchair’s wheel.


  • Installation from side and rear door
  • Having remote controller
  • Sensor for identifying barrier
  • Capacity determination system
  • Non-damaging to the car by installing a holder floor on the seat screws
  • Low-consumption
  • Using dynamo
  • Having lock for wheels of wheelchair
  • Low-weight
  • Having automatic lock
  • One year warranty
  • Three year of after sale services

Technical Specifications:

indicator rate
140 kg
110 kg
140 x 110 x 90 cm
Electricity Power
10 amp. (from battery power)

Lift Performance Film

Download lift catalog 

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