Roll Press Machine


ماشین پرس رول مدل TM-FL10


Roll Press Machine model TM-FL-10 made by means of mechanical pressure system which is able to exercise pressure up to 300 kg. This machine is able to press the rolls of 40 to 120 mm by considering the diameter of the roll. 

Conveyor belt is responsible to transmit the product prior to and after the machine and the speed control system and the load conservation system are the properties of this machine.

Technical Features:

Machine width
20 cm
Diameter of input roll (Maximal)
18 cm
Height of the roll
4 - 12 cm
Speed of machine
150 presses per minute
Capacity of conveyor belt
5 kg/m
3 KW
Power of main motor
1.1 KW
Number of motors
2 pcs
Weight of machine
150 kg
H: 160 * L: 370 * W: 70 cm

Machine Performance Video:

Download Machine Catalog:

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