Shaft less machine


ماشین شفتلس مدل TM-SHL10


Roll-making machine model SHL-10 is proper for opening and turning the roll for various types of machines with high power and firmness.

This machine is able to open and close various rolls with various widths and is proper for various polymer and cellulose layers which are consumable in a short time. Usage of roll-makers is in various industries and factories which are relevant to roll.


General Features: 

  • Hydraulic system to lift the roll 
  • Hydraulic roll-making system 
  • Double automatic locking system of s3 and 4 inches 
  • Ability to order it in various diameters and widths of 1 to 6 meter 
  • Controllable by remove control 
  • Pneumatic brake with ability to feedback 
  • Ability to install the web-controlled system 
  • Ability to install the automatic tension controlling system 
  • Equipped with pneumatic TM 2-8 calipers brake

Technical Features:       

feature rate
Machine width
600-500-400-250-160-100 cm
Roll diameter (Maximal)
140 cm
Capacity of hydraulic system
50 L
Speed of machine
1500 m / minute
Brake capacity
2500 NM
15 KW
Weight of machine
2400 kg
H: ... * L: ... * W: 160 cm

Machine Performance Video:

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