Thermal paper roll slitting machine


ماشین برش رول حرارتی مدل TM-S62


Slitting machine model S62 is a semi-automatic system which is proper for slitting and manufacturing POS and ATM rolls, calculator, and several types of rolls.

This model is capable of slitting several types of writing paper and thermal paper and films in a semi-automatic manner with decent price. Production volume of this machine at one 8-hour work shift is 8000 rolls.

General Features:

  • Outlier
  • Manual system to regulate slitting blade
  • Automatic system to control tension
  • Equipped with pneumatic brake of 2 caliper
  • Equipped with 18 standard blade and fillers
  • Electronic speed control
  • Pneumatic input shaft
  • Hydraulic system for feeding the roll (selective)
  • Shaft less input system (selective)
  • Equipment with servomotor (selective)
  • Automatic edge residue remover (selective)

Technical Features:

feature rate
Machine width
160-130-110-80-50 cm
Brake capacity
400 NM
Input roll diameter (Maximal)
110 cm
Speed of machine
150 m / minute
Output roll diameter (Maximal)
22 cm
Number of blades
18 pcs
Weight of machine
1200 kg
4 KW
Power of main motor
2.2 KW
H: 150 * L: 160 * W: 180 cm

Machine Performance Video:

Download Machine Catalog:

Download catalog (2 MB)