Paper Coating machine 


ماشین کوتینگ کاغذ مدل TM-C13


Coating machine model C13 appropriate for coating several mineral materials and paste and resin for several types of paper and polymer layers with grammage quantities of 50 (i.e. 15 microns) to 250 (i.e. 150 microns). This machine is equipped with an 18-meter long gas-powered dryer and automated material transfer system plus pneumatic brakes and Electronic speed control. This machine is capable of producing several kinds of coated papers and carbonless papers, film and specific types of papers.

Application of coated rolls in various industries such as packaging industry and in preparing paper prior to printing. Production volume of this machine at one 8-hour work shift is 6 tons.


General features:

  • Coating system: selective
  • Equipped with pneumatic brake of 6 caliper.
  • Electronic speed control
  • Pneumatic input shaft of 3 inch.
  • Mechanical output shaft-3 inch
  • Gas-powered dryer with heated air circulating system
  • Pumping system for materials capable of rotating in tanks
  • Hydraulic system for feeding the roll (selective)
  • Shaft less input system (selective)
  • Equipment with servomotor (selective)
  • Smart PLC control (selective)
  • Touchscreen boar/monitor (selective)
  • Automatic Tension Control System (selective)
  • Web guide system (selective)

Technical Features:

Feature rate
Machine width
200-160-110-80 cm
Input roll diameter (Maximal)
110 cm
Output roll diameter (Maximal)
110 cm
Speed of machine
250 m / minute
Brake capacity
1200 NM
25 KW
Power of main motor
7.5 KW
Power of blow torch
1/000/000 Kcal
Weight of machine
4900 kg
H: 470 * L: 1800 * W: 280 cm

Machine Performance Video:

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